Experiments with paper

I’m interested in how different types of paper work as a support, so, I got hold of a variety of papers and I’ve subsequently been trying out various materials on them (mainly different types of ink) to see what effects I can get. So far I have found that the thinner, Fabriano Accademia 120GSM paper is good for luminosity of colour but its fragility obviously means you can’t overwork things and play around with it too much. Also it tends to cockle more than the heavier papers.

The various types of watercolour paper that I’ve tried (Fabriano Artistic 300GSM, Arches 140GSM NOT and Rough, Bockingford 90GSM NOT and Rough, Winsor and Newton 300GSM  NOT ) absorb more colour but have a stronger surface which can tolerate a lot of activity without breaking up. I can’t say I’ve got a favourite, they are all good and all give slightly different effects.

Painting on watercolour paper

I’ve probably had the best results on acrylic paper. The fact that its primed means it’s stronger than the others and the inks have a slightly unusual effect which I quite like. Again, I don’t have a favourite, but Galeria by Winsor and Newton, Fabriano and Daler Rowney are all good.

Painting on acrylic paper



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