Experiments in colour

I wanted to experiment further with some new materials so I have been trying different types of ink in various colours. I have also tried pastels, pure pigment, binding medium and marker pens. I have been continuing my experiments with inks on different grounds. So far I have used Fabriano papers as well as different makes of watercolour paper, acrylic paper and card.

I have also tried unprimed canvas and canvas coated with an acrylic primer or gesso. The canvas, primed with either gesso or acrylic primer was not particularly successful. The inks on the unprimed canvas either bled or were absorbed too much. On the primed canvas they looked a bit insipid, the opposite of the vibrant colours that I would like to achieve. On the positive side I found a gorgeous turquoise coloured ink that I love and I think it could add something to the monochrome work.

IMG_7656.JPGDifferent coloured inks on watercolour paper

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