The Undead Painters

The Undead Painters were founded in2013 by James Petrucci and Alastair Gordon. They are a group of accomplished artists who aim to provoke discussion and debate around the most pressing issues in contemporary painting. They hold various events including exhibitions and educational forums.

We were lucky enough to have them visit us at Wimbledon this term and we had a very productive discussion about painting now, and about our own and their work. The forum was made up of James, Alastair, Geraint Evans, Charlie Peters and students from MA Painting, MA Drawing and the MFA. Everyone who attended showed a piece of work and this was discussed and critically evaluated in turn.

We talked about the theory and method behind each piece and discussed ideas for developing our work. It was a really useful and enriching process and it was really valuable to be able to show and discuss our work in such a supportive environment.


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